The openaltimeter project was started by me, Jony Hudson. I'm a keen DLG flyer, both sport and a bit of competition. I found myself dissatisfied with all of the commercially available altimeters for one reason or another. When I thought about building my own I soon realised that there was potential to integrate a lot of the electronics that goes into a DLG into one unit. It also seemed like a good opportunity to do something positive for the RC community by building some open-source RC electronics.

Quite a few months, and quite a few prototypes later, I had a unit that was working really well. Everyone who saw it loved it, so I decided it was a good idea to put a website together. I've made a few batches of openaltimeters for sale, and there are over 200 of them in the wild now. Although I've stopped making altimeters for sale due to lack of time, I'm very happy to see that others are starting to produce batches of openaltimeters to sell, and that people are starting to come up with improved hardware designs.

There is an active community of openaltimeter users and hackers who are always happy to answer questions, and talk openaltimeter on RCGroups:


If you have any questions then your best bet for getting them answered quickly is to post them in the thread above. If you want to get in touch with Jony directly then you can email at (sorry for the spam protection):